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Table 7a - Ontario Winter Wheat Distributors 2016, OCCC, August 2016

Class1 Variety Distributor
sww Ava Dow Seeds
Venture SeCan Association
25W31 (awned) PBR Pioneer Hi-Bred
srw Emmit Dow Seeds
Branson Dow Seeds
25R39 Pioneer Hi-Bred
Wave SeCan Association
CM614 C & M Seeds
WB425 (awned) PBR C & M Seeds
CM249 (awned) C & M Seeds
25R34 (awned) Pioneer Hi-Bred
25R40 (awned) Pioneer Hi-Bred
HY 412-SRW PBR Dow Seeds
Emperor PBR SeCan Association
OAC Flight (awned) PBR Elite Seeds
Marker Bramhill Seeds
UGRC Ring (awned) Elite Seeds
UGRC C2-5 Ridgetown Campus, U. of Guelph
25R46 (awned) Pioneer Hi-Bred
Cruze (awned) C & M Seeds
DS572SRW PBR Dow Seeds
Drew (awned) C & M Seeds
Curtis PBR SeCan Association
hrw AC Morley Advantage Seed Growers
AC Sampson Bramhill Seeds
Princeton C & M Seeds
Priesley C & M Seeds
Gallus (awned) PBR C & M Seeds
HY 301-HRW PBR Dow Seeds
1 sww = soft white winter, srw = soft red winter, hrw = hard red winter.

PBR  PBR Status; indicates varieties protected under PBR 91. Visit pbrfacts.ca to learn more.

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